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#2156704 This clearly deserves its own thread

Posted by JKor on 29 October 2015 - 10:51 AM


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#2449424 So, this happened at our local grocery store..

Posted by Bklmt2000 on 11 December 2016 - 08:40 AM

A few weeks ago, an elderly lady (one of the regulars, ~90 years old) was going through the self-checkout line, when she discovered that she forgot to grab a box of Zesta crackers. 



She asked the cashier if he could get her a box.  Apparently, the self-checkout area was pretty busy at the time, but the cashier immediately went to get the Zestas this customer asked for, while a coworker took over the self-checkout area.



Upon returning, this customer thanked the cashier profusely, and the cashier told her "you're welcome", but the customer then dropped a bombshell of sorts:



She quietly tells the cashier that she's actually quite iil, with Stage 4 lung cancer, and that Zestas are about the only solid food she can keep down, due to her chemo.  :(



Cashier helps her finish ringing up her groceries, and (while a coworker is minding things), he helps this customer out to her car and loads her groceries.



Customer thanks him again, and cashier says, "you're welcome, and I hope you feel better soon." :)



Two weeks later, the cashier learns that the customer wrote a very nice letter to the cashier's management, praising the cashier and his kindness, and the management not only sent their own letter of praise to the cashier, but also a copy of the customer's original letter.





















A few salient details to give this story better context:


- The management in question (whom the customer wrote to) wasn't the store manager, or even the regional manager, but the CEO of the entire store chain.


- The CEO in question: one Mr. Rodney McMullen, the CEO of Kroger's.  Yes, that Kroger's.


- The cashier in question: my son.  :frank:


We first learned of this last night, after our son got home from work (he found out shortly before his shift ended).


Upon hearing his story and reading the CEO's and customer's letters, my wife said: "Now the CEO of Kroger's knows I raised my son right."  Damn right he does.






Just wanted to share.

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#2364981 It's official

Posted by Brian72 on 12 August 2016 - 09:56 AM

no cancer! Dr removed all pre cancerous baddies and I'm in the clear. The downside is I get to look forward to a colonoscopy every 2 years now... <_<
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#2594924 At 2pm today, in Portland, Oregon

Posted by Car ChuckRam on 19 July 2017 - 04:12 PM

At the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Field Office, my wife was administered the Oath of Citizenship, and is now, and forevermore, an American.  I am so very proud of her. 



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#2572121 The Health Inspector Just Left

Posted by siouxbrewer on 06 June 2017 - 01:45 PM

And told me that she tells people to come eat here all the time because it's so clean. I see her eating in here from time to time, but that comment really made me smile. 4 straight perfect scores #notsohumblebrag

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#2322218 Pardon me while I pat myself on the back

Posted by glassonion on 08 June 2016 - 06:43 PM

Through the use of myfitnesspal, a 1500 cal sensible diet and moderate exercise, I have lost 53 pounds.


I'm feeling pretty good right now. I really have no goal set to achieve other than I want to see how much I can loose with the same regiment. I would like to see 200 but we'll see. I am taking the slow but steady approach and not starving myself, but just watching more closely what I eat and portion control.


I have found out that just because a product is labeled as lite or healthy doesn't mean it is. 


So it's been a journey that I am dedicated to.

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#924932 LOL

Posted by Hillbilly Deluxe on 21 January 2012 - 08:51 PM

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#2480545 Hillary Clinton will NEV-AH be the Preezy

Posted by Car ChuckRam on 19 January 2017 - 08:52 PM

The fact that adults would come into the PH and push buttons like a child is unreal. Pretty sure that everyone knows that the election is over and who won and who didn't win. We get it.


The fact that Mexas has been borderline with his bullshit for more than a decade with no Mod action is unreal. 

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#895993 In all seriousness.

Posted by brewman on 22 December 2011 - 08:49 AM

As the holiday's approach I look back at my life and wonder at all the decisions I've made and where they have brought me. I think about my daughter Cindy and wonder if she is looking down upon me and happy with what she see's. I think about my daughter Kristina and her new baby and wonder if I did enough to teach her to be a good parent.I know I was not the best kid, brother, husband, father, friend I could of been but I hope I did more good then bad.And after all the hurt, pain and loss Ive been through I now know that expressing your feelings is never a bad thing. Let that person know how you feel because you never know if you will have another chance to tell them.If you have kids, love them as best as you can and always tell them you love them, no matter how old they are.Make sure you parents know you think about them and thank them for making you who you are. Don't let life get in the way and loose touch with friends and family.And most of all, try to make this a every day thing, not just a holiday thing.I want to wish you all the best holiday, any way you wish to spend it.Ill get off my sappy soap box now. (Thank you Cindy for touching me today and filling my heart with love.)A very teary eyed Dan.
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#2386052 Missing Woman Found Dead On Top Of A Home Depot

Posted by zymot on 16 September 2016 - 06:30 AM

At my Home Depot they regularly find people dead in the store. Typically they die of starvation while waiting for somebody to assist them.
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#2255455 Nancy Reagan has died

Posted by Seagis on 06 March 2016 - 07:24 PM

Mooch has zero class. Freakish large man hands and posterior, but no class.


I guess that you have to have class in order to recognize it.


I give you a pretty wide berth, man, but I have to ask you what it is about Michelle Obama that differentiates her from people like Laura Bush or Nancy Reagan. I mean, other than the fact that she's a Democrat or that she's black.


You can disagree with someone's political perspective without automatically seeing political affiliation as a lack of class. It's not hard. I don't care for Joe Biden's political stance, but I think he's shown a great deal of class and grace in light of the family deaths he's had to endure. For all the political caricatures people make of him I think Biden has a lot of class.


Do you care to give any specific examples of classless behavior that Mrs. Obama has evidenced? Or are you just posting nonsense because you enjoy picking at people that don't think like you? I'm going to guess that it's the latter rather than the former.


I generally don't talk about my own political views here on the board a great deal - even though most people recognize that I'm likely even more conservative than even you are - but this kind of discourse is needless, petty and stupid.


I realize that this is a waste of my own efforts as you're likely to just post a couple of general examples of things she's done that you don't like, which, of course, do not in any way equate to a lack of class. I think you'd sooner shoot yourself in the head than admit that she ever did anything you approve of.


Quite frankly it's a bit sad that a grown adult - one that's even older than my own 44 years - can have this level of distaste for another human being. Actually, sad probably isn't the right word. Pathetic is probably a better choice. You want to talk about a lack of class? Try to find someone who takes the opportunity to post about the current First Lady - who just so happens to not be from their own party - in a memorial thread for a woman that died. That's prima facie evidence of a complete and total lack of class.


But carry on with your "Aww, shucks. I'm just having fun!" stupidity. I've had enough of it.

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#964831 The curious case of Barack's transgender nanny

Posted by miccullen on 05 March 2012 - 01:32 PM

damn Joe, apparently you have something against just about every possible subgroup of humanity
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#947938 Too soon?

Posted by phalanxausage on 16 February 2012 - 03:30 PM

Could y'all send a pm when you delete a post? I always tried to do that when I was a mod. It helped the poster understand what was unacceptable about their post & prevented re-posts. It also keeps the mods activites more personal instead of appearing to be random actions from the invisible hand of moderation.
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#927017 State of the Union Address [MERGIFIED]

Posted by djinkc on 24 January 2012 - 09:32 AM

I plan to continue my long time tradition of not watching it again.
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#2618170 Doing the right thing for a friend

Posted by TonyBrown on 28 August 2017 - 05:44 AM

long story short, a friend of mine came across a free 97 chevy lumina a couple weeks ago, not in perfect condition of course but functional and running but needs some minor maintenance.  He had half way been thinking about running it in a race called The 24 hrs of Lemons. 


fast forward to saturday and a friend of my wife, who's son plays football with Jay, was almost in tears telling her that she'd lost her car to Re-Po and the kids were late to school and she could get the youngest to his doctors appt etc.  She's a single mom (2 kids), works two jobs, takes community college classes, and is dealing with a deadbeat dad.  I called my friend about the lumina and he agreed to give it to her, but, not before we get it cleaned up and functional because it needs new tires REAL BAD, dry rotted to shit (seriously, some of the worst I've seen).  we're gonna do wheel bearings, brakes, tires, coolant flush, oil/filter, tires, detail the interior and get it to her.  car only has 89k on the clock, couple minor dings (previous owner lived in the city and it shows) but is a solid runner and pretty much rust free which is amazing given it has lived its entire life in the rust belt.


all in she'll have a reliable car with all the major maintenance done for the next few years, probably only cost her about $500 (some of the parts), my friend and I are gonna take care of the labor ourselves and I'm gonna pick up much of the parts bill for her.



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#2512479 special moments with my girl

Posted by TonyBrown on 02 March 2017 - 07:39 AM

when I work from home this is part of my routine  :D



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#914866 Lungs say "Light it up"

Posted by Brownbeard on 11 January 2012 - 09:48 AM

It's simple, instant death penalty for anyone caught with drugs."Hey, you've got drugs." BANG

Do I really need to distinguish between legal drugs and illegal drugs. Legal drug, fine. Illegal drugs, bullet in the head. Don't like which are which? Get the law changed. Until then, BANG, bullet in the head.

Yes, but until then the law states which substances are legal to possess. Just because you don't agree with a law, doesn't mean you can willfully break it and expect to not have any consequences. And you can't expect the authorities in charge to sit by idly and do nothing while the laws are broken. A natural conclusion if people are blatantly and willfully breaking a law is that the consequences are not harsh enough. If the drug trade is to be stopped, the penalties need to be upped. Bang, bullet to the head.

Feel free to provide context.
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#2669756 So, I've Started A New Company

Posted by glassonion on 28 November 2017 - 03:53 PM

Yes, I can still work at home.


I've been mulling this idea for a while now, and in the light of the last downturn in economy it made sense. Now that construction around here is going ape shit, I figured I'd get me a little slice.


What I do is independent tabulations for construction companies. It ties in well with my mech eng degree and early experience. I tabulate a job for said company. Give them the take offs, any notes from the specs or engineers and architects, price up everything and hand it all over to them. They take it from there, formulate an estimate and bid the job.


I've been at it now for about 4 months and business is good. At first I did it to fill a need with one company local here that I know very well. They were doing so much business it was either slow up or expand. So I created the niche. Now I am serving a total of 13 companies who have decided that outsourcing tabulations and compiling is profitable to them. There doesn't seem to be another company that does what I do, around these parts.


It makes me decent monies and it's nice to "work" again. I always have loved to work. Basically I get the drawings delivered to my servers, I have software that can mark all the pieces of a project, I send out for pricing, and deliver the package to their servers. I rarely have to get out of the office. 


So I can do all my favorite pastimes with my computers, projects, etc and still be here making money. I like it. 

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#2636694 Jones, party of five!

Posted by Beejus McReejus on 28 September 2017 - 06:22 PM

Say howdy to Adalee Rose, making her debut appearance.


She was tiny, compared to our last two, at 7lbs 9oz and 20.5". I finally got one that has my hair color (so far). :)
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#2156305 +1 -1 threads!

Posted by Corbin on 28 October 2015 - 08:55 PM

Just noticed the +/- system is back :frank:


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