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The Barley House

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Posted 04 April 2009 - 07:50 AM

Went there yesterday.Let's break this down:1. AmbienceLooks like pub. Nothing too exciting. A bit loud in the dining room but this is normal for a pub I'd say.2. ServiceThe dining room layout is a little awkward with the tables in the middle feeling very "exposed". So the hostess goes to sit us at one of the "exposed" tables which I generally don't like since having everyone who walks in the room get a front row seat on the show that is me eating isn't my idea of a pleasant time. So before we even sit down I ask if we can sit at one of the tables up towards the front of the place that are a little bit more private. The hostess then actually spends the next 45 seconds explaining why she shouldn't sit us up there b/c she just sat people in that section (mind you this place isn't that big and has plenty of wait staff from what I could tell). Now I've worked a hosting job in a restaurant before and guess what, if someone asks to sit at a table that is unoccupied I sit them there. Since I want to avoid making a scene I don't push it and say fine. The waitress I have no problems with, was attentive enough and not annoying in any way.3. FoodSo I had fairly high expectations for this place b/c it had "Concords best burgers". The competition must only be Burger King and McDonalds. I've had cafeteria burgers that were better (no exaggeration). The fish from the fish and chips seemed like some frozen fish I'd buy at Sam's club. The fries were not very good and definitely reminded me of fast food french fries. They had some hummus out as an appetizer (free). The hummus was okay but was extremely mild in taste compared to any other humus I've ever had. I'm not sure how they managed this. The real kicker is that normally you'd have some crusty bread with hummus. Instead of just doing this they had crusty bread and then used pretzel rods as filler with it. So overall they the food was subpar and it seems like they are cutting as many corners as possible.4. BeerThe draft selection is okay. They pretty much have the bare minimum of what I would expect of an establishment that advertises itself as being a pub. Definitely nothing exotic here. The only plus is they have a few bottled Belgians (Chimay, Ommegang) but I'm scared to know what they charge for them. They also don't serve the beers in pint glasses. I would estimate these can't be more than 14oz. 12oz might be closer to the mark.5. Value$30 for a burger and fries, fish and chips and one small beer. Not a great deal. Since I'm kind of a cheap bastard they could have really made up for some things here but they failed again.OverviewThe level of service from the staff was mixed. The food was not something I would be willing to pay for again and it seemed like they were trying to cut corners on ingredients. The beer selection is nothing special. The price of the dinner was way too much for what it was. Unless you think I got unlucky, don't bother going here.

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