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So what happened to beer?

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#1 Stout_fan


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Posted 06 February 2024 - 02:35 PM

I have to admit since moving to east TN, my major concerns have been preventing this house from falling down or getting smashed by large trees. I have not been brewing for 4 years. Father forgive me for my sins (Former and present RCs will get this reference).


However, I just logged on today after a long absence and found the beer section devoid of new content.

Where'd y'all go?


Generally I would see a bunch from Denny and Drew, but nothing.


I would speak, but all I hear is an echo.









#2 Gusso


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Posted 07 February 2024 - 07:34 AM

I'll be brewing a big lager sometime in the next week or so. And another IPA shortly after. I have some friends and family coming down in March.

#3 denny


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Posted 07 February 2024 - 12:26 PM

Nothing to say, I guess.  But I still check in here a few times a week.

#4 Stout_fan


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Posted 07 February 2024 - 09:00 PM

I've been busy as a cat covering.. whatever.

All trees that were threatening my house are cut down.

Wood shop mostly set-up.

Ham shack just needs an antenna.

AV gear still in boxes (make that 3 years), gee that one hurts.

I have a freezer that I intend to violate the warranty to turn into a keezer.

Brewery is located but stuff just strewn everywhere from moving.

So getting an evening to breathe, I decided to kick back into the blue board and was a bit surprised, like when I went to my local mall after avoiding it for a year. Empty and scheduled for demolition.


Stopped at experimental brewing but Firefox on Linux threw a security fault. URL Void Scan showed no bad scripts running though.


CRAP, I feel like rip van winkle waking up and the topography all changed.


You and Drew still podcasting, or did I miss that one as well?

#5 armagh


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Posted 08 February 2024 - 03:12 PM

Got a bit disillusioned after buying an auto brewing device that shall remain nameless and they promptly went out of business.  Still have a ton of equipment laying idle.  Looking to make a batch of cherry braggot from the LHBS that went under and gave me a bunch of malt extract and  honey accumulated over time.  Will update if there is interest here or on the mead side.

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