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Monster Spotlight: Liches

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Posted 23 October 2018 - 11:07 AM

Hi all! So some of you know I have a bit of history with D&D, and I wanted to make some posts to discuss some of the cool history and lore the game has to offer. And I thought of no better place to start than with the iconic Lich and its variants.

A Lich is a mage that has cheated death by transferring their souls into a phylactery via ritual. The Lich retains all power, memory, and personality they had in life, so they aren't your everyday undead. Having cheated death they are then free to continue gathering power - something that is very much reflected in their power. Liches can cast up to level 9 spells (that lvl 9 is an outright Kill spell) and they have the ability to simply ignore multiple failed saves.

A destroyed Lich will resurrect again in a few days. So how do you kill one? Great question - you need to destroy the phylactery that contains its soul. This is a feat not often accomplished since the Lich will take great care to hide them.

Running into a Lich is not something you want to do.

The Demilich

The demilich has seen quite the nerf over the years. Originally a Lich that has existed so long it no longer has a body (just a floating skull) and a power level into the god-tier. The most famous being Acererak of Tomb of Horrors fame and getting its own thread.

A Demilich is now a Lich that has forgotten or been unable to feed its phylactery, and as a result has lost most sense of self and the ability to cast spells directly. They are still legendary in how dangerous they are tona party, and the change into a Demilich makes tge creature often more brazen and violent. They are angry and want to restore their Lichdom.

Hold on to your soul around these guys.

Apologies for errors - phone posting

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