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Robust Porter

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Posted 12 September 2018 - 08:22 PM

Robust Porter                                                                         Sept 12, 2018

Adapted from Tasty’s clone of Black Butte Porter on Can You Brew It

10 gallons, 1.053 OG, 36 IBU, 33 SRM


Actual brew notes:



15 lbs. 0.5 oz  US Pale Malt

1 lb.                 Wheat Malt

15.9 oz.           Crystal 80L

15.9 oz.           Cara Pils Dextrin Malt

1 lb.                 US Chocolate Malt (Briess) 350L

1 lb. 0.2 oz.     UK Chocolate Malt (Pauls Malt) 415-490L



1 oz. Galena               13.3%  60 minutes

1 oz. Cascade             8.6%    15 minutes

1 oz. Mt. Hood            5.6%      5 minutes


Yeast: WLP002, English Ale


Dialing in equipment, adjustments had to be made while brewing. All specific gravity readings are temperature corrected.


I doughed in with 6.5 gallons of 166° water. The target mash temp was 153°, I was actually at 155°. I just rolled with it.


Since I wasn’t fully prepared, I let the mash rest for 90 minutes while I got equipment ready. The mash was at 153° at the end.


I fly sparged with about 8 gallons of water that had an initial temp of 175°. During the sparge, the HLT was not on and the water temp dropped a bit.


I stopped the sparge when I had 12 gallons in the boil kettle. There was still wort remaining in the mash tun.


I gently stirred the wort to minimize stratification before taking a gravity & temp reading. I had collected 12 gallons of 1.052 wort. This gives 624 points, or a mash efficiency of 84%.


This would produce a beer well outside my target, so I drew off 1.5 gallons of wort and topped the kettle off with an equal amount of water. Now I had 12 gallons of 1.044, or 528 points. This would put me on track for a 1.053 OG.


The boil was uneventful with no boil overs. After the 60 minute boil ended, I cooled the wort with an immersion chiller to 84°, as low as my water temps would get it.


At this time, I had 10 gallons of 1.053 wort, which I drained into two buckets. One got 5 gallons, while the other got 4.5 due to losing the siphon and hop debris. The buckets were sealed and brought to the basement to cool a bit more before pitching the yeast.

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