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Hightest's Mead FAQs

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Posted 26 March 2009 - 02:19 PM

The following are FAQs compiled by one of our resident experts on meads, Hightest. If you've been a follower of brewing forums and hung out in the mead sections very much, you've seen this name. Hightest was kind enough to pass along this compilation of links to his own FAQ pages and we thank him for it.For the benefit of those who may not know me, my name is "Hightest". My mead-making background goes back over two decades. Some of you may have seen my screen name on brewing forums such as: The Brewboard, WinePress, Got Mead, Northern Brewer, and More Beer. I was a mead forum moderator for over four years, organizing and managing several online group brews, and answering many brewing related questions.During those moderating days, I found forum members often asked common questions. When I realized how many times I answered these questions, I prepared some FAQs to save me a bunch of keystrokes. The following topics will link you to these FAQs (With the exception of the speadsheet (XLS), all are in PDF format):



What is Mead?

Honey Fermentation Concerns

Making A Basic Mead

Rehydrating Dry Yeast

Staggered Nutrient Additions

Maple Syrup, Facts & Grades



Yeast Nutrients, Energizers, etc.Urea Based Nutrients

Fining: What, When, & Why

Sparkolloid Fining


Adding Potassium Carbonate

Potassium Sorbate



Calculate Your Mead's OG

Mead Calculator Spreadsheet :lol: (1/31/09)

Refractometer How to :) (2/18/09)

I Need Help...! (11/24/08)


Advanced Concepts Restarting A Stuck Fermentation

Servomyces - Good for Mead?

Autolysis - Is it really bad?

pH Probe Use & Care

Brewing Additive Shelf Lives

Malolactic Fermentation (MLF)

The ABW vs. ABV Relationship :) (11/11/08)


Fermentation Charts (12/31/08)

2005 Fall's Bounty Cyser

2006 Apple Butter Cyser

2006 Riesling Pyment Comparison to Estimate (01/01/09)

2006 Riesling Pyment (Group Brew)

2007 Traditional Mead


If you have any questions, please start a new topic concerning your question in the mead forum so that others may also learn from the resulting discussion. I only ask that you be patient for my reply as I'm finding that I'm not able to spend as much time online as in the past... :)

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