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Code of Conduct

1. Each member is allowed only one account. Attempts to register for multiple accounts may result in one or all of them being removed. Please notify a moderator if there are multiple legitimate users accessing the site from the same household.

2. Place your post only once and in the most appropriate forum for your topic. Posting in multiple forums or in the wrong forum to increase its views could result in your post being deleted totally or moved to the proper forum. If you are unsure where to post, contact a moderator for advice.

3. Be respectful of the questions and comments of others. It is OK to disagree with someone, but do so with respect. Keep the Brews Brothers community friendly and encouraging of everyone's participation. We will not tolerate rudeness, insults, personal attacks, inflammatory remarks, threats, racial/ethnic slurs, trolling, flame baiting or similarly disruptive postings.

4. Vulgar, violent, shocking, profane, or explicit sexual images or videos are prohibited, including the posting of external links to such material.
  • Avatars, images, and language outside of the PH will be moderated to a professional office-environment level.
  • PG13 material (swimsuit/pinup) and language is tolerated in the Public House. However, all threads containing risque images or profanity-laced rants must include [NSFW] in the thread title. Adding such images or language to threads that were previously SFW is not allowed and will be deleted. Cursing is also prohibited in thread titles, including obfuscated curse words, e.g. sh!t, f**k.
Failure to observe these restrictions will result in posts and/or threads being removed without warning.

5. Spamming, chain letters, or referral requests are strictly prohibited. Please report these posts so that the moderating team can clean them up quickly.

6. Please be discreet with any discussion of currently illegal activity and keep any posts PG-13 level of disclosure. For example, saying that you think certain drug or tax laws should be eliminated is OK, but presenting any indication that you are actively flaunting such laws is prohibited. It's okay to casually mention getting high or distilling liquor, but do not discuss methods that could be construed as a "How-To" or DIY guide.

7. If you are a product or service vendor, you are welcome to discuss your product here as long as you participate as a member rather than by using the site as a vehicle for free advertising. Violation of this rule will result in immediate account deletion.

The above rules cannot anticipate every situation that might arise. The mods reserve the right to take steps not addressed in these rules in order to maintain a friendly and helpful environment.

Warning points are NOT permanent. They will automatically expire 30 days from the time they are given. So you will not be on the crap list forever. Listed below are the reasons that will earn you a warning and the actions that will be taken by the software.

  • Abusive Behaviour or Personal Attacks - 2 Points
  • Discussing Illegal Activities - 1 Point
  • Drunken Posting Rampage (The Schwanz Rule) - 1 Point
  • Failure to label NSFW threads as NSFW - 1 Point
  • Intentionally posting in the wrong forum - 1 Point
  • Multiple Accounts - 1 Point
  • Not using spoilers for NSFW material in a SFW thread - 1 Point
  • Posting Nude or Pornographic Images or Video - 2 Points
  • Profanity in word titles including obfuscated curse words - 1 Point
  • Religious Bigotry or Racial Slurs - 2 Points
  • Signature Violation (Violates the Code of Conduct) - 1 Point
  • Spamming - 1 Point
  • Trolling - 1 Point

1 point -- Posting suspended for 1 hour (at Moderator's discretion)
2 points -- Posting suspended for 2 hours (at Moderator's discretion)
3 points -- 24 hours suspension
4 points -- 48 hours suspension
5 points -- 72 hours suspension
6 or more points -- Your banhammer fate to be decided by ScottS